Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brace Face!

Wow! That is one good lookin' picture. Obviously, Joshua had braces put on this past week. Looks good, doesn't it? What a trooper. He had to sit there with that contraption in his mouth for almost an hour while the ortho glued the brackets to his teeth.
Next month, he will have 3 permanent teeth pulled and a week later the wires will go in.
Look how happy he is to be done with that appointment. Actually, I think he is excited to have braces on.


Laura Lee said...

That picture gives me the chills! Hope it didn't hurt as much as it looks like it did!

The Barney Family said...

oh the good old days with braces! I feel so bad for him! haha We miss you guys hope all is going well! love ya

The Ball Family said...

I remember being excited to get braces on when I was younger...5 years later I was so happy to get those suckers off!! How are you and the family doing? I miss having you as a visiting teacher!

Clark and Jolie said...

Oh I remember having braces!! Hope it wasn't too painful. What a trooper!